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Never-Before-Seen Pacific Rim Concept Artwork, Prologue Sequences and Jaeger Concepts!

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Chris Picard ›

As Pacific Rim is finishing up its run in North American cinemas, more behind-the-scenes material keeps surfacing and today, we're very excited to share some rarely seen Pacific Rim concept artwork, prologue sequences and Jaeger concepts which were used in the making of the film. if you didn't already know, the entire prologue sequence for the beginning of Pacific Rim was handled by Guillermo del Toro's own, Mirada Studios. Below are a collection of concept artwork, prologue sequence frames and Jaeger design sketches, from Mirada's work on the film, enjoy:




For those unfamiliar, this is the "ROMEO BLUE" Jaeger, which unfortunately was one of the fallen Jaegers, which didn't make it into the full length of the film.




More concepts for the ROMEO BLUE Jaeger

Axehead Kaiju from the Pacific Rim prologue sequences

Karloff Kaiju from the comic prequel: Pacific Rim Tales from Year Zero - also from the prologue cameo scene.





ROMEO BLUE - ground view

Tacit Ronin - prologue sequence





Tacit Ronin - Fallen

More Jaeger Concepts

Be sure to also check out a large selection of rarely seen Pacific Rim Kaiju Concept Artwork here as well and view all concept artwork in the Pacific Rim Concept Art Gallery!

A very special thanks to local Pacific Rim Kaiju Groupie THEDUDE for sending these images our way! Be sure to let us know what you think of them by commenting below!

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Comments (12)

G fan 84 ›

AWSOME!!!! we need action figures and prequel comics to all those jaegers!


Fully aware that Pacific Rim starts a new dynasty for us Kaiju fans... everything that gets released makes me super happy!

belladonna ›

whats up with the big fin on the front of ROMEO BLUE? looks like it would be in the way visually.

Gypsy Eureka ›

My favorite, shall I say "prologue" Jaeger is Romeo Blue. You can tell that he was the embodiment of hope in a time where people really needed it. The fact that he was killed really marked a turning point in the war for humanity.

Fo ›

Looking at the aerial shot of San Francisco, I am amused to see that Trespasser's path of destruction runs directly behind my office, but the building is still standing. Whew!

TheDude ›

I bet when this is on dvd, there will be an alternate opening or extended prologue.

These scenes pretty much confirm we didn't see everything.

OniEdge ›

The second to last image is NOT Tacit Ronin. In a clearer shot of the CG, there are 3 Jaeger bodies in the background. And those are 3 Jaeger heads in the foreground. It looks like it is actually a Jaeger scrapyard. With the left most head possibly being a reference to "Atom" from Real Steel (one of the CG artists brought on board worked on Real Steel).

GateOfFlesh ›

In the novelization there is an in between chapters fill in of a commercial pilot addressing the passangers. He apologizes for having to take the longer descent path into Oakland but points out an amazing jaeger scrapyard called "Oblivion Bay" (also a reference to San Francisco bay which became unusable and unsafe to citizens due to the kaiju blue and fallout of nuclear weapons used in the first kaiju attack) which is the graveyard of fallen jaegers. The pilot goes on to excitedly point out that if his passangers look close they can see the recently fallen Gypsy Danger being towed into the scrapyard. So yeah, if the novelization is to be taken into account the Romeo Blue photo is likely Oblivion Bay.

Leingod ›

Awesome pics, and yeah... one of those shots may be of Oblivion Bay. I'd love to see a detailed visual depiction of the bay, it sounds grim and emotional.

BTW, you forgot to mention that the jaeger in pics 1, 14 and 20 is Horizon Brave.

TheZalo ›

I simply love axehead <3

dragonking ›

the need to make sequel of the movie

DragonRider922 ›

I use to like Crimson Typhoon but now I'm really starting to love Romeo Blue! I hope NECA makes a Romeo Blue figure!

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