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The future of Pacific Rim looks bright after breaking box office records overseas!

ScifiedPacific RimPacific Rim News › The future of Pacific Rim looks bright after breaking box office records overseas!

Chris Picard ›

Most cinemas in North America are finishing up their run of Pacific Rim this weekend, and fans want to know - what does the future hold for Travis Beacham and Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim franchise?

Despite a rocky start in the US, Pacific Rim has actually performed really well overseas, raking in over 60% of its overall budget internationally. According to estimates, Pacific Rim raked in a total domestic gross of $89,661,000 US. Initially, analysts and studios were fearing the worst after investing nearly $200 million in the film, but thankfully once the film opened overseas, those numbers started looking a lot more attractive.


Pacific Rim actually broke a box office record for Warner Brothers during its opening weekend in China, grossing a whopping $9 million! Now, this isn't even including Japan - the country where the most Kaiju / Mecha fans reside. With international sales being added to the mix, Pacific Rim has currently made an additional $140,000,000, bringing the total closer to $229,661,000. So, making $229.7 Million on a $190 Million budget, the studio's made some fair margins, but is it enough to warrant that sequel everyone is hoping for?

The answer to that question is "most likely". Screenwriter Travis Beacham and director Guillermo del Toro have already expressed interest and excitement in continuing the story and developing a sequel. There's even been talk that the sequel to Pacific Rim has already been green lit. With the film generating over 40% return on the studio's investments, it's likely we'll see a sequel within 2-3 years.


As one who thoroughly enjoyed Pacific Rim, I am extremely glad the future of this new franchise looks bright. I hope next year's Godzilla does well also, so we can have a Pacific Rim and Godzilla sequel in the coming years! Who knows, maybe even more Kaiju / Mech films will surface after the immense positive reaction to Pacific Rim.

But one thing needs to be said - Americans need to get their priorities in order. If you saw Grown Ups 2 over Pacific Rim, you need to seriously give your head a shake. I know the Kaiju / Mecha genre isn't as popular in Western culture as it is in Eastern culture, but come on - even if you aren't a Kaiju / Mecha fan, Pacific Rim was just pure summer entertainment. Hopefully the word-of-mouth praise Pacific Rim received will change this around in time for the sequel.


So with the future looking bright and Pacific Rim 2 almost 100% guaranteed, what are your thoughts? Are you hoping for a Pacific Rim sequel? What other Kaiju / Mecha franchises would you like to see adapted to live-action cinema? Let us know by commenting below!

Pacific Rim box office estimates based off of information provided by Box Office Mojo.

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Comments (35)

jpnn80 ›

Oh man I'm really glad to read this news after I supposed the future of Pacific Rim looked very dark, given the poor reception it had in US by not even grossing half of its $200 Millions budget, and as I supposed this number only took into account the production cost of the movie without the promotion cost. So for once I'm happy I was wrong !

jpnn80 ›

BTW I still can't understand why US audience were so indifferent after having seen more than enough mechas in several movies like Matrix Revolution, Transformers, District 9, Real Steel, Avatar and Sucker Punch !

tech_bonus ›

Yeah I noticed that it's already starting to cycle down as far screens go in the states, although it hasn't even been in theaters a month yet - oh well. But keep in mind that after this weekend, that $140,000,000 (figure only represents first 3 weeks overses) international b.o. figure should be a little bigger, as the movie's still collecting from the territories it opened in, even before China. And I wonder what it's up to after 3 full days of availability there.

godzillagirl82 ›

Hey all... I want to say that I loved Pacific Rim (I saw it four times myself) and would love nothing more than to see a sequel for it myself.

That said, I want to add that these are still not very good box office numbers. Most people don't have a very good understanding of the way that box office and profits work, and they often mistake that if a movie makes more than it's announced budget, that it's turning a profit, but that is not the case.

A fair amount of the reported box office take is kept by the theaters, and does not go back to the studios, and when you add in promotional and marketing costs (which are typically never added into the announced budgets, by the way), most movies actually have to earn around twice their announced budget before they will start seeing a true profit. So in the case of Pacific Rim, it still has a long way to go on that.

If it continues to do well internationally, and if good word of mouth can perhaps help it to sell and/or rent well on dvd and blu ray later... maybe it might break even. But actually turning a real profit seems fairly unlikely at this point, sad to say, so I would still be very cautious at this point about any hopes for a sequel.

cyrollan ›

it is re-gosh-darned-diculous that Pacific Rim didn't make more money. Grown-Ups 2? Did anybody SEE the trailer? Did anybody notice its single-digit score on RottenTomatoes? Not only that, Pacific Rim was like a Transformers movie done CORRECTLY. Those crappy Transformers movies make a sh1t-ton of money, how come "nobody" paid to see what was finally a high-quality film about robots fighting?

I think we can all help out by pre-ordering the blu-ray set (Amazon already has it for pre-sale). Then when it gets released, it'll be standing very high on the best-seller lists.

G fan 84 ›

Well i for one am happy it was a little bit bigger of a hit than every one thought;i at least saw it twice i tried to support it as mutch as i could but hell there's only so mutch one KAIJU/GIANT ROBOT fan can do;just gonna keep ma fingers crossed that all the profits comeback enough for a sequel;as far as possible giant robot movies id like to see i know a MACROSS/ROBOTECH movie is already in the works but what i wanna see more than anything in the world is a big budget live action MOBILE SUITE GUNDAM!!!!!! now that would rock cox! and the idea of a GUNDAM triology.....well i would just s**t myself. (:)

G fan 84 ›

Of course GUNDAM does'nt have a very big fan following in the good o'l US of A as ROBOTECH/MACROSS does but one can dream.

pizzaandmonsters ›

I loved this film, but I'm sorry, $29 million in profit ($190 million in production and $10 million in marketing = $200 million budget) doesn't warrant a sequel. You need a minimum of at least $100 million before they even will consider it.

Chris Picard ›

@godzillagirl82, You're absolutely right. The profit Pacific Rim is raking in isn't anywhere near what the studios would be looking for, but it did exceed expectations. Many analysts and film critics expected the film not even to break even. Also, we haven't even factored in Japan's numbers, where the film is expected to make its most cash.

@pizzaandmonsters, I'll agree that a large return is what normally determines a sequel, but you also need to factor in the potential the film has a franchise along with the demand set by audiences. Even though Pacific Rim didn't perform stellar in the US, more and more North Americans are reading the positive feedback, hearing the word-of-mouth praise and are getting interested. The film may be making its cycles out of theaters already, but the word-of-mouth will continue, and the film has already generated its own fan base.

Not to mention, the talk of Legendary's interest, along with Guillermo del Toro to continue the story has been out in the open for months now. Before the film hit theaters they were brainstorming on sequel ideas. So, I think the studio can take one hit this year, especially after banking on Man Of Steel, and invest some time and faith in a film that will NOT be a rehash or sequel to an existing, money-making franchise. We need films like Pacific Rim to continue to be made in Hollywood, otherwise every year we'll get a new Star Trek, Star Wars, Superman, Batman, Wolverine movie. Which I am NOT interested in at all. I want fresh new ideas, and Legendary is one of the few studios out there to take on that risk and believe in their investments. I think Pacific Rim will warrant a sequel and I think it will be met with triple the fans and a much higher return at the box office.

Ghost Ultramantis ›

Crimson Typhoon was my favorite design. I was surprised to see it get skull dragged 1 minute into the fight after delivering "paper-cut" jutsu. The sequel needs to follow the multicultural "super-hero team" concept and have more Jaegers work together to win.

tech_bonus ›

You have to wonder...

I'd like to preface this by saying, in no way am I making up excuses for the movie's box office reception.

Now, much has been made about the marketing strategy for Pacific Rim, in relation to the movies box office domestic perfomance. However, I'd like to point to another possible missed opportunity on the part of the studios.

Okay, the Transformer movies, which ofcourse by default PR get's compared to, earned between $320-400 million each, domestically.

TF1 - $320 million
TF2 - $400 million
TF3 - $350 million

Pacific Rim - $92 million and slowly counting

Ofcourse, this is the virtual home territory of the beloved Transformers and as such, they were also granted robust distribution upon release: 4000-4200+ theaters.

TF1 - 4050 theaters
TF2 - 4293 theaters
TF3 - 4088 theaters

Pacific Rim - 3285 theaters

Note: how Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen had the widest release amongst those movies and subsequently went on to earn the most money also.

I'm sorry, but I can't help but wonder, what that current domestic tally would look like on an additional 800-1000(!!!) theaters - not screens - THEATERS. Sure, that would have been more theaters that the studios would have to share profits with, but 800-1000 theaters is undoubtedly significant.

If the movie clawed it's way to it's current $92 million on 3200+ theaters, it's not hard to imagine 800-1000 more theaters easily swelling that figure to $130-$150 million. To myself at least, a hypothetical $130-150 million domestic haul alone would look a heck of a lot better than a $92 million take on a 190 million budgeted movie. No matter how you look at it, that's simply revenue that never was. Who knows what would have been the possible catalyst for the movie to catch relative fire here with a wider release.

Chris Picard ›

Nice post tech_bonus, thanks for the additional info and insight. I agree, adding the extra 800 - 1000 theaters would've definitely improved sales, no disagreement with you there. I think the main issue is the ignorance of the US movie-going audience. They just didn't "understand" it like the fans of older Mehca / Kaiju films did, and I think that falls to the shortcomings of the marketing. Although I did find a lot of their marketing effective, when compared to the marketing campaign for like, PROMETHEUS, there's no contest. I think WB and Legendary held back too much for too long and thus the word-of-mouth advertising ignited too late, and just not enough people knew about the movie.

I fear they'll be taking the same route with GODZILLA, but I guess they have a little more wiggle room, since GODZILLA is an already established franchise and name. It won't need as heavy marketing, but Pacific Rim certainly did - since it's the start of its own franchise.

Tetsuo ›

This movie is by far one of my favorites now, this movie, Man of Steel, Oblivion, Elysium, to me are the best movies of this year, And of course The New Hobbit movie coming out at end of year!, You have to watch Pacific rim in IMAX, i've seen it at amc imax by my house and at the actual big imax, both have amazing sound, and that is 1 really big reason to see it there, what's the point of seeing pacific rim any other way......i think del toro would agree, and also, See it in 3D, people want to hate but they just don't get it, i loved Pacific rim in 3D, the Kaiju were Stunning, along with the Jaeger , this movie gets a 5 out of 5 for me, Man of steel 5 out of 5, Oblivion 5 out of 5, Hobbit 5 out of 5, and Elysium when it comes out i already know is a 5 out of 5, i appreciate great directors like this! and i am Proud of Del Toro

Cyanidenailbomb ›

Just saw the weekend results; Pacific Rim set a record for Warner Bros. in China, opening with $45 million over 5 days, and $50 million total internationally. The new total is now around $290 million worldwide...pretty nice little jump. After its theater run, and home video sales, we might see it come close to $400 million, hopefully.

OniEdge ›

To tech_bonus: More screens/theaters wouldn't have mattered too much. I follow box office tracking fairly heavily and while Warner Bros. was utterly stupid in securing less than 3800 theaters for Pacific Rim, the sad truth is that it would've mattered little. The singular biggest reason that TF2 grossed the most was because it followed TF1. TF1 was a well liked action movie and it generated a lot of goodwill and excitement for the franchise. Thus, when TF2 opened, it was HUGE. BUT! Quality was SEVERELY lacking and so, TF3 suffered for it. However, the single biggest factor for Pacific Rim's disappointing domestic box office? STUPID. IDIOT. BRAINLESS. PEOPLE. And for that problem, you can indirectly thank Warner Bros. for piss poor marketing. Pacific Rim's marketing was TERRIBLY executed. They marketed it to US. We're already going to see the damn movie. Market it to the IDIOTS. TO THE SOCCER MOMS. TO WHINY LITTLE CHILDREN WHO DRAG THEIR PARENTS TO GARBAGE. WE are the target audience. But it needed to have expanded beyond that. THAT is how you get a movie to open big.

To Chris Picard: You hit it on the head. Ignorant and stupid people. You need to give them something relatable or at least, something they can understand. A lot of people don't bother to do their research. Hence why Grown Ups garbage beat Pacific Rim. People see Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Kevin James, etc. People see Grown Ups TWO. They know what they're getting. Let's put it this way: People are masochists. If you present them with original, but poorly marketed material, versus a trashy sequel with a half page script, they will ALWAYS go for the trashy sequel. It may be painful as all hell, but they know what to expect. If you can't give them a good enough reason to see something original, they WILL TAKE THE PAIN.

TheDude ›

A kaiju going after the main stream sounds good doesn't it? A little kick in the butt for the morons of society to wake up. I blame main streams as history shows this to be the area of idiots in any society.

Adam-X ›

I am hopeful that this movie will get a sequel, especially after a recent article I read about how many poor performing movies get sequels green lit based mainly on their overseas performance. And while there are several good points made above regarding how movie budgets are reported and what they actually need to earn, there is one revenue stream I haven't seen mentioned. Merchandising. This is a lesson that Toho learned long ago with the Godzilla series. They could have a movie that performed so-so and still rake in a profit on licensing toys.

Ghost Ultramantis ›

The Christmas push will decide it. Rentals, Blu Ray/DVD, merchandise, etc. Marketing penetration and 2ndry revenues. The art book is great. I hope GDT gets his chance. The second won't be restrained by familiar genre tropes and could be really cool.

Cyanidenailbomb ›

The more I read about the happenings in China in relation to film companies being screwed on their cut of theater revenue's, the more I lose hope about the movie being given a second iteration.

tech_bonus ›

Thanks Chris - it was something I was really watching from the beginning. However, Oniedge made a good point I admittedly hadn't considered about the reception of Transformers 2.

Question though: Is it normal for a movie making some money to be reduced by some 2300(!!!) theaters less than 4 weeks in to it's theatrical run? SHEESH!!

Yo, if this movie still manages to hit the $1million+ mark, daily, over this coming weekend with even MORE competition and down to a mere 980 theaters - the film itself may be starting to take some sort of hold. What I'm noticing is a growing chorus of praise for the film from the first viewers to the most recent. And the other trend is those who are publicly admitting to seeing the movie more than once. And you know...I'm almost certain the return visits aren't all courtesy of the hardcore fandom either.

Now think about that; this movie actually has been generating genuine repeat visits. How many other movies, in these trying economic times, have people putting aside time, money and resources to go see a film a second or even third time?

Too bad it's been yanked so quickly from everyone.

Leingod ›

I love Transformers as much as the next guy, I even grew watching the cartoons... but gotta say, Pacific Rim is superior to those movies in almost every single aspect. Let's hope it gets enough love in Japan, as well with DVD/BR releases.

What I'm personally hoping for in PR's future:

- Extra scenes / Extended cut on the BR version, totally getting it regardless
- A Cherno Alpha NECA figure!
- A sequel / prequel. Personally I'd prefer a prequel, with more detail on the first Kaiju attacks, the nuclear strikes, the first jaeger battles.. etc. It'd be great to see the Becket bros. at work again, as well as the Crimson Typhoon and Cherno Alpha crews kicking ass. I know they got kinda pummeled on this movie, but they had numerous Kaiju kills before, so they must've kicked ass at some point or another.
- Maybe a bigger PR videogame? The XBOX Live Arcade one is OK, but just OK IMO.

And that's that. Pacific Rim is a new, fresh IP after years of remakes and movie adaptations... and it deserves some love. Let's make sure it gets it.

G fan 84 ›

Yeah i agree i saw the movie twice first in 2d second time around in 3d,i wonder how mutch revinue would they have to get back to make an animated series???

tech_bonus ›

So...China "get's it", not surprisingly. BOY do they get it - $76.5 million in 12 days(!) and counting! Worlwide total ---- est. 344,170,000!!!

That's right you guys, hold it down! The Pacific Rim Nation is counting on you!

Feebs ›

I'm so glad that I actually bought the ticket to see the movie and i would go see the sequel too!

Serephius ›

From everything ive seen and heard from anyone whos seen it, it feels like we may see consumer demand to bring it back to the theator.

Seen it 5 times. And part of me can't wait to start going to the bargain theators for it.

novacharson ›

Wow, I hope Matador fury is on the way :D!

Rampaging Soda ›

It is sad that it has only pulled in $100m domestic, but the foreign run of the movie has tripled our pull so far and that gives me high hopes for another movie.

jj_jamz ›

It crossed the $400 million dollar mark on August 31st!! Making this "the highest-grossing movie that Guillermo Del Toro has directed."
According to this article, Pacific rim has "become a box office juggernaut", and "has captivated critics and audiences alike in markets all over the world".

ALSO: seeing as how the movie seems to be doing well for itself, can anyone please contact/tweet Warner Bros. or Legendary and ask them to release the Pacific Rim video game for the PS3?!! Why should only Xbox get the game?

tech_bonus ›

The movie was brought back to, or added to an additional 141 theaters for the holiday weekend in North America.

Good move. WHEW!

I did not feel like sitting there and watching it agonizingly close that little gap to $100+ million domestic; sipping on some $45-60,000/day Ugh!

CONGRATS to every last one of us (from the entire production crew to the movie-going public) on the $400 million world wide benchmark.

tech_bonus ›

Well well well,

Guess what summer blockbuster is (as of now) the number 3 most anticipated DVD/BR/3D release among 2013 major release offerings.

Peep the list on the right side of the page.

MaryJ ›

You mean SECOND (!!!!!!!!) most anticipated? Awesome. I hope it's not too far fetched to hope that it becomes first. :D

tech_bonus ›


Mary, I swear at the very time I posted that comment, Pacific Rim was sitting at #3.

You mean to tell me, it knocked off the Minions and Despicable Me 2 in a single night?? does THAT these days? lol

MaryJ ›

Yup... DM2 is being the step stool for Pacific Rim right now, according to the dvd release site.



yeah its great to see that there is some anticipation regards the DVD release, hopefully that was the good "word of mouth" that followed the film, things are looking a bit better now :)

like probably every one else on here i'm really hoping for a sequel to this brilliant film, and thankfully due to the great Chinese box office returns it may well become a reality, also I think the fact it (just) made it over the 100 million mark in the U.S.A will help it quite a bit as it takes the number total that extra important digit.

it was hard looking at the box office returns a few months ago...but now, the picture seems a bit better. fingers crossed the DVD sales are massive, i'll be getting my copy on day 1 of release that's for sure! :)

omni ›

I'm really glad that Pacific Rim has been such a success globally that it pretty much makes up for the lacklustre U.S box office record. Over $400 million so far should definitely make a sequel possible, especially when the writer and director are already interested. Hope for the best.

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