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The future of Pacific Rim looks bright after breaking box office records overseas!

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Most cinemas in North America are finishing up their run of Pacific Rim this weekend, and fans want to know - what does the future hold for Travis Beacham and Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim franchise?

Despite a rocky start in the US, Pacific Rim has actually performed really well overseas, raking in over 60% of its overall budget internationally. According to estimates, Pacific Rim raked in a total domestic gross of $89,661,000 US. Initially, analysts and studios were fearing the worst after investing nearly $200 million in the film, but thankfully once the film opened overseas, those numbers started looking a lot more attractive.


Pacific Rim actually broke a box office record for Warner Brothers during its opening weekend in China, grossing a whopping $9 million! Now, this isn't even including Japan - the country where the most Kaiju / Mecha fans reside. With international sales being added to the mix, Pacific Rim has currently made an additional $140,000,000, bringing the total closer to $229,661,000. So, making $229.7 Million on a $190 Million budget, the studio's made some fair margins, but is it enough to warrant that sequel everyone is hoping for?

The answer to that question is "most likely". Screenwriter Travis Beacham and director Guillermo del Toro have already expressed interest and excitement in continuing the story and developing a sequel. There's even been talk that the sequel to Pacific Rim has already been green lit. With the film generating over 40% return on the studio's investments, it's likely we'll see a sequel within 2-3 years.


As one who thoroughly enjoyed Pacific Rim, I am extremely glad the future of this new franchise looks bright. I hope next year's Godzilla does well also, so we can have a Pacific Rim and Godzilla sequel in the coming years! Who knows, maybe even more Kaiju / Mech films will surface after the immense positive reaction to Pacific Rim.

But one thing needs to be said - Americans need to get their priorities in order. If you saw Grown Ups 2 over Pacific Rim, you need to seriously give your head a shake. I know the Kaiju / Mecha genre isn't as popular in Western culture as it is in Eastern culture, but come on - even if you aren't a Kaiju / Mecha fan, Pacific Rim was just pure summer entertainment. Hopefully the word-of-mouth praise Pacific Rim received will change this around in time for the sequel.


So with the future looking bright and Pacific Rim 2 almost 100% guaranteed, what are your thoughts? Are you hoping for a Pacific Rim sequel? What other Kaiju / Mecha franchises would you like to see adapted to live-action cinema? Let us know by commenting below!

Pacific Rim box office estimates based off of information provided by Box Office Mojo.

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