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That's right Pacific Rim movie fans - the epic battle between Man and Monster comes to your living room, October 15th, 2013 on BluRay and DvD! After seeing it in the theater multiple times myself, I can't wait to own this priceless piece of badassery, and watch it over and over and over.


But wait, the announcement of the BluRay and DvD release date is awesome and all, but let us re-cap and see just how well Pacific Rim did during its theater run! Now, we all know Pacific Rim had a rocky start, especially in the US, where the primary marketing for the film was focused, since our side of the world isn't that familiar with the Kaiju genre. However, despite this lack of enthusiasm prior, Pacific Rim manage to soak up over $100,000,000 at US box offices, and over $300,000,000 overseas, breaking records in China and Japan!

The film has given birth to an entirely new franchise - one that I hope to see live on and spawn many sequels down the road. Pacific Rim screenwriter, Travis Beacham and director Guillermo del Toro have expressed interest in continuing the franchise and reports suggest that the Studio (Legendary) has already given the follow-up a green light.

Despite the rumored talk of a sequel however, fans can still enjoy the Legendary Comics series, also written by Travis Beacham, Pacific Rim: Tales from Year Zero - which tracks the events leading up to those which took place in the film. Travis has expressed interest in really developing this series as well, so here's hoping the Studio continues to back this project!

I think one of the biggest hurdles Pacific Rim had to overcome, was it's originality. Yes, you can argue there have been Mecha and Kaiju films for decades, but in Hollywood - not so much. Pacific Rim was going up against the likes of Man of Steel, Wolverine, World War Z and dare I say it... Grown Ups 2. The problem was that Man of Steel and Wolverine were established franchises, milking on the incessant "Superhero fad" which has been a relenting force at box offices for the last few years. World War Z starred Brad Pitt, and involved another "fad" which has "infected" our audiences - Zombies, and finally, opening on the exact same day as Pacific Rim - Grown Ups 2 - a sequel to the mediocre Grown Ups (which for some reason really appealed to American audiences...).

Suffice to say, Pacific Rim had some stiff competition, but despite the expected flop, the film pulled through, captivating audiences, thrilling movie-goers both young and old. It was a film made from passion and love of the genre, it was a work of art to say the least.

Guillermo del Toro, Travis Beacham and the entire Cast put on a great show and delivered this summer's #1 blockbuster, without a doubt. It didn't have too many plot twists, not many unanswered questions and gave you a healthy dose of CGI and practical effects. All in all, Pacific Rim was the film to see this year and now, you can enjoy it as many times as you like, come October 15th, when it hits the Home Entertainment lineup.

So, will you be grabbing your copy right on October 15th? Let us know what you thought of Pacific Rim below and don't forget to submit your review for Pacific Rim HERE!

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