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New Pacific Rim Kaiju Concept Art + Movie Stills Released!

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Chris Picard ›

A bunch of new, behind-the-scenes set pics from Pacific Rim and some Kaiju concept artwork were featured in the latest issue of EMPIRE Magazine. The folks over at posted up some scans from the article, which can also be viewed in the Pacific Rim Image Gallery Here. But have a look at the new images below:

Kaiju Concept Art Looks Incredible!



Set Pics show Guillermo del Toro and crew setting up for a shot

More Charlie Hunnam

"Haven't you heard? The World is coming to an end!..."

Guillermo del Toro getting hands-on with Kaiju guts!

These set pics and concept art really make waiting for July 12th all the more difficult. Guillermo del Toro has done it again by the looks of it - we here at Scified can not wait to see Pacific Rim when it hits theaters in a month and a half! Let us know what you think of these new images by commenting below!

Special thanks to for the scans!

In related news, Pacific Rim has adorned the cover of Variety's next magazine issue! Check that out also:

Expect even more Pacific Rim news, images and videos soon and catch Pacific Rim in 3D, IMAX 3D and 2D this July - July 12th, 2013!

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Comments (6)

zillaman ›

The first monster with the knife face, yup that one Gamera fought him Gamera won. Lmao!! Still cool to see old mixed with new style creatures. I dont doubt this movie will be full of hard core action. So enjoy it while it last because Godzilla is coming soon...

kaiju-seeker ›

I'm glad that I'm not the only one who made that connection. GUIRON redone. I like it. This movie is a little Evangelion.. a little Gamera style.. and a whole lotta cool.

jdunker26 ›

Maybe I'm not thinking correctly this morning but the knife head reminds me a little of Bagan from the Super Godzilla game.


the first kaiju looks a little bit like guirin from the gamera series. it still looks pretty cool the second monster looks pretty cool i hope they have more monster photo's being released.

MiketheG7453 ›

I kind of thought the 3rd monster looked like part Godzilla 98 and part least its head.

Faris ›

the 2nd kaiju concept art, reminds me the kaiju that fights Ultraman XD

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