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New Pacific Rim Graphic Novel Preview + New Character Wallpapers!

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Pacific Rim is just under a month away from release, and we're seeing more and more of the Jaegers, Kaiju, characters and the upcoming graphic novel entitled "Pacific Rim: Tales From Year Zero" - which explains some of the events which take place prior to those in Pacific Rim - a prequel in comic-form.

Today, thanks to Wired we have yet another preview of the comic and in these scans, we actually get a glimpse of one of the first Kaiju to come from the portal and attack Vancouver, BC. (Same place as Godzilla, coincidence?) Check out the scans below and read on for a look at some new character wallpapers!



On top of the comic preview, Warner Bros. have updated the official Pacific Rim website and have added a section called "Cast & Characters" - which offers (or will soon offer) biographies on each and every character. Below are some of the character wallpapers featured in this update, which you can use to trick out your desktop in anticipation for Pacific Rim this July!

Max Martini is Herc Hansen

Diego Klattenhoff is Yancy Becket

Clifton Collins Jr. is Tendo Choi

Charlie Day is Dr. Newton Geizler

Ron Perlman is Hannibal Chau

Rinko Kikuchi is Mako Mori

Idris Elba is Stacker Pentecost

Charlie Hunnam is Raleigh Becket

Be sure to check out the official Pacific Rim website for even more cool features!

Thanks to Wired for the Pacific Rim Tales From Year Zero graphic novel preview!

Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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