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Developer Reliance Games are developing Pacific Rim: The Mobile Game for Android and iOS capable mobile phones. With the movie set for release 12th July expect the mobile game to be available at approximately the same time.

When the Kaiju War is over Gipsy Danger can seek employment as a lumberjack!

In the game you get to pilot the films iconic Jaeger's battling against the invading Kaiju across locations lifted straight from the movie.

Though very little information has been released about the game, we know that that the game will feature a leveling up system for you as the Jaeger pilot, allowing access to new moves, weapons and upgrades for your desired Jaeger.

The game will also feature a survival mode where players can test out their upgraded Jaeger's against an endless onslaught of Kaiju enemies.

Expect more news from the upcoming E3.

Thanks to Reliance Games for the news!

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