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Gavin Singleton ›

Legendary Pictures have just tweeted a short video advertising a series of HeroClix Figures of the Kaiju from Pacific Rim - watch the video above.

Pacific Rims Leatherback... not related to Texas Chainsaws' Leatherface

These figures look quite astounding to be honest, especially when considering they are only 2.5 inches tall, with plenty of detail, and they really give us a good look at, and the names of, all the Kaiju that will appear in the film.

These figures are usually inexpensive, but worthwhile little trinkets to have, and should be on sale soon almost everywhere.

Thanks to Legendary Pictures for the news!

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Comments (6)

TheDude ›

Awesome. I want those. :) I also hope NECA makes them as figures too besides what NECA already has.

DC67 ›

That can't be Raiju's head, lol. Are they keeping it under wraps?

TheDude ›

I hope there are screencaps of this vid. More reference to draw the kaiju. :)

PacificRim'sBitch ›

That's probably its head. I think it's really cool looking, how his head armor peels back revealing his actual face. Looks amazing to me.

Gavin Singleton ›

screencaps can be seen in the gallery under the trailers section

ServantOfPriss ›

I must get these toys. Not doing so would be heinous.

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