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Pacific Rim Sequel to be 'Very Different From the First One'

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Chris Picard ›

Today has been packed full with news on Legendary's upcoming Godzilla movie and now Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim with some insight to not only the differences between Pacific Rim and Godzilla, but also a bit on Pacific Rim's sequel! Read on for more info...


So, this afternoon, ShockTillYouDrop got the chance to attend a press conference where Pacific Rim director, Guillermo del Toro and Legendary Pictures' CEO Thomas Tull answered questions about Pacific Rim.

When asked about Godzilla, Tull stated that initially it was never the intention to make two giant monster movies, but insisted that "tonally, the films are completely different," He continued on by saying "[Godzilla] is a disaster movie; What if this really happened, what would it be like?".

When talk of Pacific Rim 2 came about, director Guillermo del Toro stated that he and Pacific Rim screenwriter, Travis Beacham are already penning ideas for the idea, adding that it will be "in a very different route from the first one." Del Toro added that there will be a Mexian Jaeger in the sequel, and that initially there was meant to be one in Pacific Rim, but apparently it would have put the project over budget - "We basically couldn't afford it," Del Toro laughed. "He was the most expensive Jaeger."

Unfortunately no talk of a Canadian Jaeger in the sequel yet, but Ian Gibson did promise me we'd see one. So, it's on you Ian - Hozer Danger needs to make it on the big screen! Haha

Let us know what you think of the info provided in this article by commenting below!

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Comments (10)

MrBrightside ›

I would like to see a Jaeger to Jaeger battle.

TheDude ›

What other countries should get Jaegers? Imagine a Jaeger from say Chile or Ecuador that also borders the Pacific or Argentina?

A Filipino Jaeger from the Philippines would be cool. Recall the trailer said this country was also attacked by a Jaeger. It'd be amusing to see famous boxer Manny Paquiao as one of the pilots. He may be small, but he can knock a guy out.

Will we see the other side's point of view? The aliens who are sending these kaiju over and what motivates them?

x_paden_x ›

Speaking of a Canadian jaegar, the jaegar designer app, actually now has canada as a country, i think they're leading us on with this :3

tech_bonus ›

@The Dude,

Well supposedly there's Tacit Ronin and Diablo Intercept who are said to be based in the LIMA SHATTERDOME (Peru) in South America.

Still not sure if we're actually going to see them in the film however.

AgentMothman ›

Give me the sequel now! :D

RR44 ›

I can see it now.. Mexican jaeger with a red green and white color scheme with a big decals that reads... WHICH WAY TO THE IMMAGRATION OFFICE.. I WANNA FILE A COMPLAINT AGAINST THESE KAIJU .. CUZ I KNOW THEY'RE HERE ILLEAGALLY ! -- and -- VIVA LA RASA -- and -- DO NOT F*** WITH THE CARTEL .

TheDude ›

One awesome new Japanese Jaeger could be based on famed samurai Miyamoto Musashi. One of the toughest and deadliest swordsmen in Japanese history.

Imagine one named Li Su long. That's Bruce Lee's Chinese name. A Jaeger designed after him would be really cool. :)

Major Noob ›

AgentMothman- couldn't agree more! And if budgetary restraints are relaxed even more, who knows what we'll get to see? This is a rare instance of my just LOVING CGI.

TheDude ›

Don't forget the next novel too. I'd guess the novel will have more material than the movie. :)

belladonna ›

LOL omfg RR44!! that gave me a chuckle, i also got a kick out of the idea of a Mexican jaeger. if it was made over the border close to were i used to live.... it would have hydraulics and a huge bag of oranges as a weapon XD

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