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Pacific Rim: Jaeger Combat Simulator Web App Game Launched!

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Chris Picard ›

Legendary and Warner Bros. have just released a new, web-based game called "Jaeger Combat Simulator". If the title wasn't self explanatory enough, in this game you get to create a Jaeger and then pilot it through a variety of missions where you face different Kaiju of varying difficulty. There is also a "Survivial" game mode. After playing through a couple rounds, I must say - it's quite fun for a web app.

You also get a closer look at one of the Kaiju which we haven't seen too much of, whose named Sydney - because it attacks Sydney Australia in the movie. (This Kaiju can be seen in one of the recent TV spot screenshots when the cut scenes are going through cities the Kaiju have attacked. Scroll down for a link to play this simulator game and be sure to let us know what you think of it by commenting below!

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Comments (10)

Jaconbits ›

I cant load my Jeager from the create a Jeager app. Oh well

Jalaris ›

You can't use the Striker Eureka head Jaconbits, the game is fun, but they didn't put support in for that head, any of the bladed hand parts, or the striker eureka shoulders either. Its dumb, but I spent an hour trying to figure out why my Jaeger wouldn't load, and that's why lol.

Jaconbits ›

Ok thank you. And the music at the title screen is amazing i hope that is the score for the movie.

TheDude ›

Jaconbits why not post the vid of the music itself? ):

**Al** ›

:) I want try it....

@the dude look this is a video of the simulator so you can take a look of it ;)

Pacific Rim - Jaeger Combat Simulator - Mission 1

**Al** ›

hahaha lot of fun! I've chosen the Cherno Alpha's head, it was quite fun , and the app it runs really easy.

buffteddy ›

It's will still hang occasionally, especially so when i try to load my jaegar

Cuetlachtli ›

Help!! I can't load my jaegar, but that's not the worst... when I click on "Play Game" the screen is pink!! I can see the diagram of the pilots and supposedly I am moving but I can't see a thing!! I tried with all my three navigators (Chrome, Mozilla and IE) and nothing... do you know why this happen?

EduardoJuno ›

Without the striker parts I was finally able to load my jaeger, but every time y click on play game and when I enter the unity player close, it's really piss me off, can anyone help?

theofilos ›

Guys i have downloaded the unitywebplayer but when i click play game i get a fatal error from the initywebplayer....can some1 help me?

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