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New Pacific Rim TV Spot #7 and New Movie Stills!

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Check out the latest Pacific Rim TV Spot which features a few new cut scenes. Along with the new trailer comes a selection of new movie stills never before seen online! Read on for more details.

Fellow science fiction news site, SciFiJapan managed to get their hands on 2500 tons of awesome new Pacific Rim movie stills and artwork which they accompanied with their extremely detailed About Production article! Check out some of the images below and keep reading for a link to their in depth write-up!

Gipsy Danger to the rescue - Leatherback Kaiju attacks

Gipsy holding a boat - get a sense of that scale.

Striker Eureka - Looking very badass


Crimson Typhoon's Jaeger pilots


Jaeger Concept Artwork - Awesome

Hunnam to the rescue

A better look at the Sydney Kaiju

Cherno Alpha

Pentecost and the PPDC troops

Deploying Gipsy Danger

The man with the vision - Guillermo del Toro

Rinko kicking some ass

Crimson Typhoon - Blades out

The images are awesome and the info in their write-up is extensive. Be sure to head on over to SciFiJapan to read the full article!

Be sure to let us know what you think by commenting below! Special thanks to THEDUDE for pointing these our way!

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Comments (6)

PacificRim'sBitch ›

The music really ruins it for me.

leatherback ›

Gipsy Danger looks badass, love its design

Drakengard ›

Oh man. I really really hate how they waste Cherno Alpha so easily, which is the most impressive looking Jaeger.

TheDude ›

I noticed the plans for Crimson Typhoon are reversed from the actual movie images. The double arms switch sides.

tech_bonus ›

So finally, THOSE are Crimson's pilots!

Whew! YOUNGINS'! lol

Gypsy Eureka ›

Actually, that's not concept art of a Jaeger. The shining Jaeger silhouette is of Coyote Tango when he saves Mako when she was young. (Prequel graphic novel knowledge and piecing together the trailers)

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