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Pacific Rim Sequel to focus on 'Drifting' with the Kaiju?

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Chris Picard ›

A recent video interview with Pacific Rim director, Guillermo del Toro has shed some more light on the potential route the Pacific Rim Sequel might take, assuming Legendary and Warner Bros. make enough on Pacific Rim to warrant a sequel.

In the video above, Guillermo del Toro explains that one of the main ideas for the sequel that He and Pacific Rim screenwriter, Travis Beacham are working on, will revolve around the Kaiju brain and the deeper mythology behind their existence... Read on for more info and descriptions.


Del Toro explains:

"We're writing... and the main idea that we're bouncing off is the fact that Newt drifted with a Kaiju brain and all Kaiju brains were connected..."

For those unfamiliar, the term Drifting is the process by which the Jaeger pilots connect their brains via the "Neural Handshake". Each pilot can experience the other's thoughts and emotions - essentially like sharing each other's brains. So when we're talking about Newt Drifting with a Kaiju brain - Newt was essentially able to see what the Kaiju were thinking, feeling and planning...

From the Pacific Rim book - Men, Machines and Monsters, here's a scan from one of the pages which explains what happened when Newt tried drifting with a Kaiju brain... He freaked out:


For more on drifting, Kaiju and Newt, catch Pacific Rim in theaters, July 12th, 2013!

Let us know what you think about this potential plot direction for Pacific Rim 2 by commenting below!

Special thanks to THEDUDE for the links!

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Comments (7)


Ahhh that's great! Pacific Rim does have an intellectual edge to it, and from what Del Toro is saying the plot will have a major continuation to the first! Looking forward to being dazzled

Great Cthulhu ›

Wonders if this means we will see allied kaiju being drifted/controlled by human 'pilots'? It would be one way to make up the numbers as Jaegers are destroyed. Of course getting the kaiju and harnessing them would be an adventure all by itself.

TheDude ›

Hmm, something like Falling Skies with the Skitter rebels allying with humans to overthrow their former leaders.

Saran ›

I'm eager to see what Newt saw that freaked him out.

Kei-chwan ›

That could be really cool. ...I mean, as a sequel of the most amazing movie in the universe :D

Chris Fantastic ›

I have to say that immediately after seeing Pacific Rim, I instantly had an idea for a sequel, and Kaiju drifting and mythos is exactly what I came up with. Pending the overall success of Pacific Rim, Del Toro will ultimately be pressured into a sequel, and I think these two elements will make it even better than the original (most of the complaints I heard were along the lines of, "too much robots, not enough monsters").

Picture this: Years since the dimensional breach was sealed, humanity rebuilds under a renewed sense of safety and security in a kaiju-less world. Meanwhile, so are the beings in the other dimension. Now that they know we're not so easy to exterminate, they're developing an all powerful Cthulhu-esque clone of epic proportions to take care of us once and for all; after all, they need our planet and resources. They create another "pacific rim," if you will, opening the door for their new epic Kaiju. "Epic" in mind, the breach is larger, and also releases small wild creatures into our world as they prepare to send the new giant winged and tentacled (what I wanted from the category 5) Kaiju. Battling the wild creatures and learning about the other dimension ensues, yada yada, they need to drift with Kaiju to take down Cthulhu Kaiju, because the Jaegers aren't cutting it.

DenzJay ›

So I thought, if there are aliens (the Kaijus), there should be MORE aliens. So maybe, if Newt learned that humans can drift with the Kaiju's brain, they could make, or "rebuild" a biomechanical weapon that's made out of the remaining Kaiju DNAs and create its physique just like a Jaeger, combat-ready, that could fend off the oncoming "invaders", if there would be some.

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