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The Making of Pacific Rim - New Video Featurette!

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Chris Picard ›

A new video featurette for Pacific Rim has been released online, titled The Making of Pacific Rim. As you can probably tell by the title, this video dives even deeper into the behind-the-scenes aspects of Pacific Rim, outlining some of the film's most interesting aspects. From the practical sets to the concepts - this video is definitely a must-see for anyone looking forward to Pacific Rim!


Pacific Rim hits theaters in just 2 days! Let us know what you thought of this latest featurette by commenting below!

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Comments (3)

Winkydinkable ›

Dammit!! The anticipation is killing me!! Thursday night can't come soon enough.


Ahhh, that is a really great clip! Thanks man! I think my head is going to explode, in a good way! (if that is possible)

Van der Deken ›

Looks cool ... can wait one day !

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